The original trio

I just have to point this out. Abby always blames someone else for spacing issues, but really it’s Maddie. If you look at the last gif you can see her go directly in front of Paige. Also, in the first trio Maddie, Chloe and Kendall did (Nothing More Annoying Than a Man), Maddie should have centered herself between Kendall and Chloe once she realized where Chloe was. And, in “Brat Pack” (I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s called) when the girls were in two straight lines and they did the straddle leap, all the other girls moved about two inches, and Maddie went all the way to where the other line was, almost hitting Brooke. (and of course Abby says nothing). I realize Maddie puts a lot of power and energy into her moves, which is why that happens, but she needs to be aware of the people she’s dancing with.

I agreeeeee! I love Maddie a lot but I feel that she always wants to be the centre of attention. And not only that but Abby only seems to notice the mistakes everyone except Maddie makes.

💕What do you guys actually think of Brooke’s album.💕

For me tbh: I think Brooke is so talented and such an amazing singer but this album is way to auto tuned. It doesn’t showcase how much she can actually sing.

I think over all she seemed to have fun with it and that’s all that matters.

Not everyone is a fan of dance moms and if she does become “famous,” it’s going to be like a Rebecca Black thing.

What do you guys think?



For the anon who asked to compare Chloe’s turns at 10 and Maddie’s turns now…

I know a lot of people have been talking about traveling…it’s not just that Maddie travels more, her placement is not correct either in her turns or rather not as correct as Chloe’s and she doesn’t keep her releve as high etiher. So like Claddiebreakingdownwalls, I too agree that Chloe’s are better at age 10

x Truepositivedancemoms

Can’t we all agree that both girls have amazing turns but both have strengths and weaknesses. Maddies turns are sharper and faster, Chloe’s are more graceful and slow. They are both perfection.